Fake emails with sender AMW
December 18, 2019

We prefer talking about Trichogramma, their use and other nice things. But for current occasion here is a contribution to the topic of abuse of email addresses.

Unfortunately it happened again that our email addresses ending in … com were used as sender for spam. These emails are fake and are not from us. These emails are sent via foreign servers with fake senders. Unfortunately, it is technically too easy to do such a thing!

We thank all those who have received these emails for information about this abuse. We pass on all information to our IT representative.

If you are not sure or we are not in a recent correspondence, then you do not open suspiciously looking mails or their attachments. If you are the victim of such an email, we are very sorry, but we can not do anything about it. We have already exhausted all the technical measures available to us. Please ignore obvious spam or phishing emails and delete them. Please do not open any attachments of these emails. The procedure of the `Spamer` is very annoying and it costs us a lot of time and nerves to deal with these emails.