BraconTop® is a new application system for the braconid wasp Bracon (=Habrobracon) hebetor, a larval parasite, that is used against the larvae of different moths that damage stocks.

BraconTop® offers safe protection for the freshly hatched beneficial insects during the transport to the place of action. Every tube contains 40 adult animals.

A high quality of the beneficial insects and the reliable delivery to our customers and partners are important to us.

BraconTop® provides the following benefits to users:

  • Protection of the beneficial insects on the way to the application site
  • A simple and safe handling for the user
  • We only use beneficial insects that we have bred ourselves!

Applications of BraconTop®:

  • Control of the larvae of the Indian meal moth Plodia interpunctuella
  • Control of the larvae of the Mediterranean flour moth Ephestia kuehniella
  • Control of the larvae of the bee moth Galleria mellonella
  • Control of different Ephestia species (warehouse moths)
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